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Vacation Bible School
"Twists and Turns"
Join us at Twists & Turns to spin the spinner, beat the clock, skip ahead, level up, and play to win! Twists & Turns is a fantastical celebration of games of all kinds. From classic tabletop games to strategy games to video games and more, kids will play their way through VBS in fun locations such as the Bible Study Game Room, Wild Card Crafts, Multi-player Missions, and Skip Ahead Snacks! But more importantly, they’ll see Jesus through the eyes of one of His closest friends and discover that trusting Jesus as Savior and following Him changes the game entirely! 

Who: Ages 3 up to those going into fifth grade.
Where: Remix Church (2240 Bennington Place, Maryland Heights)
When: July 10-14 2023
We will serve a free dinner option at 5pm, but our night officially begins at 5:30PM and pickup is 7:30PM

If you have any questions email
Student Registration:

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