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A Word from Pastor Brandon

Have you ever attended a church and realized that nearly every person in attendance looked, thought, and lived the same? Why are all the people in one church white, while in another body the folks are all black?


These are the questions that I (Pastor Brandon) was struggling to find answers for. I had long had a desire to see cultures unite in the name of Christ. After all, this is the picture of heaven we have, right? One look at my family and you will see my wife and my desire. Our family is multiethnic, multicultural, and freakin’ awesome.


With racism and prejudice constantly in our culture, I continued to study in the Scriptures how Jesus broke down the walls of division between ethnic groups (Eph. 2:14-16). In fact, in John 17, Jesus prays that people would know the power of God by how unified Christians are.


The American Church has been divided. This is not from God.


I felt the call to go back to school and learn as much as possible about pastoring a multiethnic church and how to lead other churches toward inclusion and raising cultural awareness. After graduating, my heart yearned to find a church that was actively multi-ethnic, socially active, empathetic to those hurting in the world, and sharing the light of Christ. Honestly, I couldn't find the church.

After a great deal of prayer and council, I began working on Remix Church. The vision is living on today. God has blessed Remix to merge with others and grow. We now have an incredible group of people in Maryland Heights, on mission to celebrate Jesus, cultivate diversity, and empower people through the gospel!

Come visit us at 2240 Bennington Place in Maryland Heights, Missouri.

See you soon,

Pastor Brandon

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