We all have questions. Below you will find some resources that may be helpful to you as you pray, study, or even in your times of hurt. Life was not meant to be done in isolation. Feel free to use these great resources on your journey. Also, don't forget that under the Media tab, you can find some sermons and podcasts to help. 

Study Help

We get it, there are a bunch of difficult names in the Bible. Also, where is Colossae again?  Here is a list of sites that are great to help your study of the Scriptures. 

The Bible Project - You can find these folks on youtube. They walk you through books of the Bible in video form and have a ton of other resources.

Got Questions is a large question-based website. Have a query? Type it in!

Bible Hub is your online Bible source that has it all. You can look at different Bible translations, commentaries, and more.

Another online Bible is Bible Gateway. This engine is not as powerful as Bible Hub, but is easy to maneuver.

Help for the Soul

We suggest everyone spend time dealing with personal and relational growth. Friends and Counselors are gifts from God. This links could be helpful.

Need immediate help? If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts please the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. 

Looking for a Counselor? This choice is important. Because each therapist is so unique, we do not endorse any single person. You might seek a Christian or Biblical Counselor. You'll want to do a little homework. Looking for a good counselor is kind of like finding a good church, you might need to try a few first.

The following links are clinics that have been recommended from St.Louis pastors:

-- Crossroads Counseling Center  - s 

-- Karis House -

-- Revision Christian Counseling -

-- True Vine Counseling -

-- Restoration Counseling -

Here is the Christian Counselor location finder.

There are great counselors that focus more on Biblical connections as well.

There are also many online options for busy people.